Members of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Washington after completing West Coast Push 2016

About West Coast Push

West Coast Push is a tradition of the Alpha Delta chapter that features a bike ride from Portland to Seattle to raise money and awareness for the Ability Experience.

"Fifteen years ago, Alpha Delta Chapter (Washington) lost a brother as he was riding on the Journey of Hope. Since that day, Todd J. Porterfield has become a name engraved into the minds of active and associate members alike.

Todd was the ideal Pi Kapp: an historian, rush chairman, and positive influence to everyone around him. In our four years as active undergrad members of Pi Kappa Phi, the chapter all strives to be like Todd, and we honor him every year through one of our annual philanthropy events, West Coast Push. In 2001, Alpha Delta members started West Coast Push, a cycling trek from Portland to Seattle, as a way to preserve Todd's legacy. For both Pi Alphas and brothers unable to ride on Journey of Hope, West Coast Push offers an experience unlike any other, teaching brothers the true meaning of camaraderie and the importance of sacrifice."